Due to the recent changes in paper disposal and the costs associated with disposing of paper ($25/ton vs. free) the paper dumpster at East Cocalico Twp.has be taken away!

The cardboard dumpster is staying! Please continue to drop-off your corrugated cardboard. Thank you!

The current China restrictions on certain recycled commodities has brought to light a crisis within the U.S. recycling industry.  Contamination is the recycling crisis, which has been occurring for several years. Confusion is the norm that led to contamination in the bin. People are often unsure as to what they can recycle; so they recycle “everything”. The result is upwards of 20% of what is placed in the recycling bin is trash—and in some instances, contamination is even higher. Compounded with China’s ban on mixed paper and mixed plastics (along with some other commodities), this crisis has necessitated an overhaul to recycling across the country.

Over the last few months, LCSWMA has been on the forefront of working toward a solution for Lancaster County that includes: 1) simplifying the recycling process, 2) standardizing the recycling message, and 3) educating people through a campaign called “Recycle Right!”.  To help make recycling sustainable in Lancaster County for the long-term, we need everybody's’ help! Read more by visiting LCSWMA website, please click here.

 July 2018