The Authority’s water rates are based on the amount of revenue needed to cover both operational and capital expenses incurred to provide an adequate supply of water to those customers connected to the public water system.  Sanitary sewer rates are charged to cover the cost for the collection and transmission of sewage to the Ephrata Borough plants and the Adamstown Borough plant for treatment.  Sewage treatment cost is the Authority's largest sewer operating expense, amounting to 40% of total costs.  Sanitary sewer rates are assessed based on the amount of water usage.

As a non–profit entity, the Authority seeks only to obtain revenue sufficient to meet current obligations and fund capital projects necessary to insure adequate water and sanitary sewer capacity.  It is the Authority’s goal to keep both water and sanitary sewer rates as low as possible for all township customers.  It is also the Authority’s goal to insure that there is an adequate supply of water in the future, along with appropriate sanitary sewer service.  This requires that sufficient resources be allocated to finding and making available additional sources of water and upgrading sanitary sewer service for current and future customers.

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