On April 28, 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection published changes to their Chapter 109 Safe Drinking Water Regulations specifically related to disinfection requirements.  The East Cocalico Township Authority uses chlorine gas as a disinfectant in its water system.  One of the significant provision changes with the new rule requires a 10 fold increase in the minimum disinfection (chlorine) residual measured throughout our water distribution system.  The previous regulation called for a minimum of 0.02 mg/l of disinfectant residual in the water distribution system.  The new regulation requires 0.2 mg/l.  These new requirements apply not only to the East Cocalico Township Authority but to all community and non-community water systems throughout Pennsylvania. 

By October 29, 2018, the Authority is required to develop and submit a plan to the PA DEP outlining how we will go about meeting the new disinfection requirements for our distribution system.  By April 29, 2019, the Authority must meet these new standards.

The Authority and its engineers have begun the planning and cost analysis process.  We have slowly increased chlorine dosages at our well sites in order to better meet the new requirements.  Other items under consideration include the possibility of utilizing automatic flushing devices to keep water moving throughout the system (especially at dead end points), installing chlorine boosting stations at select locations and making use of mixing devices in one or more of our water tanks.  Additional piping to loop dead ends in the water system will also be considered.

The Authority is fully committed to meeting the new disinfection requirements enacted by the PA DEP.  As always our primary mission is to act in the best interest of our customers to provide a sufficient, dependable and safe supply of water and sanitary sewer services, in the most cost effective manner.

The full text of the revisions to the PA DEP Chapter 109 Safe Drinking Water Regulations can be found on the Pennsylvania Bulletin website at:  You can also contact Lisa Daniels, Director, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water at P. O. Box 8467, Rachel Carson State Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8467, (717) 787-9633 or email her at with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the PA DEP’s new regulations.

Click on the link below to view a copy of the letter the Authority received from the PA DEP regarding these changes:

May 11, 2018 PA DEP Disinfection Letter to ECTA