The Authority’s sanitary sewer pumping station in Stevens, located along Line Road near the intersection of Wabash Road, is approaching full capacity and cannot support future growth as identified in the Township’s Act 537 sewage plan.  The Authority is finalizing the planning and permitting process to upgrade the pumping capacity of the station.  Upon completion of the project, the station’s pumping capacity will increase from 100 gallons per minute to 300 gallons per minute.  As part of the overall project, the pumping station will be sized to accommodate future flows of up to 860 gpm with only minor modifications.  The current schedule calls for construction work to begin in late summer 2019 with completion around July of 2020.


In an effort to be proactive regarding maintenance of the public water system, the Authority has identified the intersection of Rt 272 and West Church Street as an area of concern.  In 2019, the Authority will undertake a project to abandon approximately 250 feet of old 6” cast iron water main located within the intersection and along West Church Street.  An additional 2,100 feet of 6” cast iron water main west of the intersection running along the north side of Rt 272 will also be abandoned.   With the abandonment of the 6” water lines, a new bored water main crossing at West Church Street and at Rt 272 outside of the intersection will be made to reestablish the water connection with existing mains.  Additionally, the project will also include relocation of four fire hydrants and replacement and relocation of seven water laterals.  Properties located within the project area currently connected to the 6” cast iron water main will be reconnected to a newer existing 10” ductile iron water main running along the south side of Rt. 272.

 guy inspecting sewer - Copy

Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) is a problem associated with almost every sanitary sewer system.  In simplest terms I & I is groundwater and rainwater that seeps into the sanitary sewer mains, mixes with wastewater in the pipes and is eventually treated at the local wastewater treatment facility.  If I & I can be reduced or eliminated in the sanitary sewer system, it greatly decreases the costs charged to the Authority for wastewater treatment and in turn helps to keep our customers' costs in check.  In 2019, the Authority is beginning a long term multi-year project to inspect all of the sanitary sewer mains, manholes, and laterals in the public sanitary sewer system.  The Authority has targeted the Gehman Basin located in the northeast sector of East Cocalico Township as the starting point for this project.  Initially the project will include clearing of brush and vegetation where needed along the rights-of-ways in the basin area in order to gain access to the sanitary sewer infrastructure.  Workmen will then televise the sanitary sewer mains, manholes, and laterals in that area.  From information gained from the video inspection, the Authority will create a plan to repair or replace damaged or leaking facilities.  As the work at one basin is completed the Authority will move on to the next, eventually inspecting and repairing approximately 51 miles of sanitary sewer mains along with associated manholes and laterals.

Gehman Basin Sanitary Sewer Investigation Maps

   Water   WELL M PROJECT 
The Authority owns a public well located along North Line Road in West Cocalico Township that is scheduled to be put into service by the end of this year.  Water from Well M will be transported from the well site to the water treatment plant in Stevens via a 10” raw water main installed as part of the Stevens and Line Road water main replacement project completed in 2018.  The addition of Well M to the Authority's public water system will help to ensure our customers with a reliable and steady supply of water for many years to come.