Forms to Download

(To be used for filing the local services tax)

Note: Rather than using the downloadable forms provided here, employers may choose instead to submit their own computer printouts, as long as those printouts contain all the pertinent information:

  1. Date of mailing,
  2. Quarter for which submission is being made,
  3. Employer name, address and phone number,
  4. All employees' names  addresses and Social Security numbers,
  5. Amount being submitted for each employee,
  6. Total amount being submitted for this quarter, and
  7. Authorized signature.


  • Form LS1 - Cover form tallying totals for a quarterly submission. LS1 must be filed with Tax Collector, along with Form LS2-B, on a quarterly basis.
  • Form LS2-A - Employee Evidence of Quarterly Deduction. LS2-A is to be provided to an employee on a quarterly basis, upon request.
  • Form LS2-B - List of all employees and their deductions for quarterly submission or End-of-Year Reconciliation. LS2-B is to be filed with the Tax Collector, along with LS1, on a quarterly basis.
  • LST Exemption Certificate - An Exemption Certificate must be filed with the Tax Collector annually if an employee is exempt from LST, as defined in Ordinance 2009-4.
  • LST Refund Application - A Refund Application must be filed with the Tax Collector if an employee believes he/shequalifies for a refund of taxes paid, as defined in Ordinance 2009-4.