Stormwater Management Program

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East Cocalico's Stormwater Management Program
Ever wonder why there is a ditch or swale in your backyard? It's no accident, these facilities are designed to manage the stormwater on your property and neighboring properties. Water runoff resulting from rainfall is a natural occurrence that provides numerous benefits to our environment.
However, when excessive or unmanaged runoff occurs as a result of previous or current development, negative impacts may occur affecting the environment and local citizens. East Cocalico Township reviews proposed land development projects with the intent of preventing unwanted impacts through the implementation of the Township's Stormwater Management Ordinance.
LIVE-STAKE WORKSHOP HELD MARCH 5, 2022: Click for information and to register
FARMERS: Bid Package for FS4 Program [2022 reduction requirement was met]

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ken McCrea Stormwater Enforcement Officer (717) 336-1720