Executed copies of any Ordinance may be obtained
at the Township for .25 cents per side.

  • SEARCH ALL Directs you to eCode website (codified) CODIFICATION: A process that updates, organizes, and combined the Township's ordinances into a single document or code.

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  • PENDING ORDINANCESNone at this time.

  1. Act 537 - Official Sewage Facilities Plan. Searchable, large file. Please allow time to open.
  2. Address Ordinance
  3. Dogs - Barking
  4. No Burning Ordinance
  5. Grass and Weeds Ordinance
  6. On-Lot Sewage Ordinance
  7. Recreation Vehicle Parking Ordinance
  8. Recycling Ordinance / Recycling Program (amended                     10/18/2018 by Ordinance 2018-05)
  9. Road Right-of-Way Obstruction Ordinance
  10. Skateboard Ordinance
  11. Snow and Ice Ordinance
  12. Alternate Energy