Woody Waste Information



East Cocalico Township has a gated/secured facility designated for the disposal of woody waste, and an “access card” is needed to use the facility. Only residents of East Cocalico Township who have an active “Woody Waste Access Card” may deposit tree trimmings and branches at the East Cocalico Township Woody Waste Site (100 Hill Road, Denver).

Allowed: Only deposit woody yard waste which includes tree and shrubbery trimmings that are less than 1.5-inches in diameter, and stumps under 12-inches in diameter. All woody waste deposited at this facility must originate from within the East Cocalico Township area. Commercial and/or contracted landscaping companies are prohibited from depositing materials at this facility. Disposal of anything other than woody waste is not permitted.

Not Allowed: Weeds, grass, ornamental grass, leaves, clippings, sod, turf, mulch, roots, flowers, garden waste, treated or untreated lumber, saw dust, skids, furniture, picnic tables, pool tables, tires, appliances, bricks, clay or other pots, trash, trash bags, fruit, berries, leaves, needles or rocks. Please call your trash hauler for disposing of these items. All materials must be completely free of contaminants, i.e. no ropes or bags used in bundling together for transportation. ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL DUMPING IS ALLOWED. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

Get a Card or Renew Your Card:

  • Mail:  Fill out and send your completed application and fee* to: East Cocalico Township, 100 Hill Road, Denver, PA 17517. When your application and payment are received, an new access card will be mailed back to you. See below for fee & schedule*. Please make check payable to: East Cocalico Township. 
  • Walk in: Applications are available at 100 Hill Road, Denver. Cash and check accepted; check payable to: East Cocalico Township (no debit cards accepted) Mon-Fri 8am-4:00pm. An access card will be issued to you on the spot. 
  • After hours: Complete the application and place in an envelope along with the proper fee* (check or cash) and place in the locked drop box located at the Township’s front doors (100 Hill Road). When received, an access card will be mailed back to you or a receipt will be mailed back for a renewal.

*Per Month Pro-Rate Costs


For a "new" card or to "renew" your existing card, click here:
WOODY WASTE APPLICATION (open and save application to your device: (1) click link above to open document, (2) right click on document, and (3) select save as).

Annual cost: $15.00 per card (January 1st thru December 31st). Payments due before December 31st for the following year. Cash or check made to East Cocalico Township (no credit or debit cards accepted).

Lost or Damaged Access Cards should be reported to East Cocalico Township as soon as possible (717-336-1720). The lost access card will then be deactivated. You can purchase a replacement card for a cost of $5.00.

Woody Waste facility is located behind the Township Municipal Building, 100 Hill Road, Denver. Please use the driveway to the right of the building (the Police driveway), drive straight back behind the Police Station, on your left. Follow signs.

Open January thru December: Open daily “dawn to dusk”.

Questions? Please contact East Cocalico Township at 717-336-1720. Thank you.