Available to the Township residents
Located at 100 Hill Road, Denver (M-F 8:00 a.m. to 4:30

Transfer Station CLOSED MDW
LCSWMA’s Transfer Station will be closed
Saturday, May 25
th of Memorial Day Weekend, for renovations to our tipping floor.
All other sites will be open for waste disposal.


Battery Bags are available at the Township lobby for your used batteries. When the bag is full, you must place it beside your recycling bin on your normal trash pickup day.
Bins and Buckets for your recylables; when the bin is full place it outside on your normal trash pickup day. Available in the Township lobby area.
CFL bulbs are collected in the Township lobby. This collection is only for the smaller "spiral" or "pig tail" light bulbs only (not for the larger "tubes" - please contact your hauler or transport them to Lancaster County Solid Waste Authority (397-9968).
Cardboard (corrugated only is collected at the Township Municipal Building), please see the link to the left for more information, or click here.
Cell Phones are collected in the Township lobby (any wireless phone, their batteries, and accessories). Be certain to deactivate your service and delete any personal information.
Christmas Trees can be dropped off at the
designated area located at the Township Municipal Building, during the month of January (M-F 8am-4:30pm, Sat. 8am-3pm. No Sundays or Holidays. Please follow signs for the drop off area, and do not place on the Woody Waste pile. Please remove all decorations, including any plastic bags that you may have used to transport the tree.
Leaf Bags (Kraft)
are available to pick up in the Township lobby area. Please contact your trash hauler for the pickup days and their cost.
Paper, No longer recylable, please place paper, newspaper, junk mail in with your regular trash. Read more by clicking here.
Woody Waste Site, please see left side link for more information, or click here.

Lisa A. Kashner, Recycling Officer           E-mail
Romao R. Carrasco, Assistant Recycling Officer     E-mail
Phone: 717-336-1720


PENNSYLVANIA LAW requires municipalities with populations above 5,000 to recycle. By that law, East Cocalico Township must provide a curbside-recycling program to residents and commercial businesses. The Township considered a number of different types of programs before deciding to license waste haulers. Licensing allows residents and commercial businesses to continue to choose their own haulers while guaranteeing that they receive necessary services – most notably, curbside collection of recyclables. A licensed waste hauling program requires haulers to meet certain general conditions to do business in East Cocalico Township. Chief among those conditions is the requirement to pick up recyclable materials separated by residents and to collect those materials on the same day that they pick up trash. Haulers who regularly collect trash from your home or business also must collect the following recyclable materials: newsprint, clear and colored glass, food and beverage cans, tires and large appliances (call you Hauler for the schedule of picking of large items; they must collect tires and appliances at least twice a year). Yard waste (primarily grass and leaves) must be picked up between April 1 and October 15. Leaves must be picked up at least four times each year between October 15 and December 1. Yard waste is defined as all garden residues, leaves, shrubbery, tree trimmings, grass clippings, and sod. Recycling - All Persons within the Municipality shall Source Separate Designated Recyclable Materials generated by such Person or generated within a Residential Unit, Multi-Family Unit or Non-Residential Unit occupied by such Person. The Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) has a Hazardous Waste facility. This facility will take fluorescent bulbs, computers, paint cans, full aerosol cans, and other hazardous material (empty aerosol cans should be put out with your regular trash). LCSWMA promotes education in the areas of environmentally sound waste management through informational brochures, cooperative efforts with local, state and federal government agencies, and participation in community development efforts. Please call (717)397-9968 for information or visit their website by clicking here: LCSWMA.