STONEY POINTE PARK East Cocalico Township is requesting community input to help in the design and build our newest park - Stoney Pointe Park. To learn more on how you can participate in the Stoney Pointe Park Community Build, please read below for a Q&A or visit the Stoney Pointe Park Community Build on Facebook.

Question 1: What is a ‘park community build’? Answer 1: A community build is a process that many communities throughout the United States use to design, fund and construct a park for their community.

Question 2:  What is the Community Build Process? Answer 2: The Community Build Process is a grass roots led process, with the full support of the municipality, that designs, fund raises and constructs a community park, usually a play ground, tot lot and/or other physical park amenities such as a climbing wall, pavilion, high ropes course, trails, nature area, etc. Basically this process takes a park project from concept to ribbon cutting a built park. 

Question 3: Can you provide more detail on this process? Answer 3: The process is usually used by a municipality to construct a central facility of a park, usually an all ages youth play ground. The process typically follows these steps:

  1. The municipality determines a site for a project and determines that a Community Build may be a good approach to completing the project. This usually includes developing a master plan for the park that lays out what potentially could be built on the park grounds.
  2. The municipality reaches out to the community to see if there is interest in the community for a park community build project. Basically are residents and business owners willing to support a community build with their time, talents and financial support?
  3. Once community commitments are in place, the municipality works with a core group of volunteers create a Community Build Committee. This core group typically consists of 20 to 30 volunteers.
  4. The Community Build Committee, with funding help from the municipality, selects a consultant to help lead the design, fund raising, public relations/volunteer recruiting and construction process.
  5. With help from the Consultant and through successful volunteer recruiting the Committee adds members to form sub-committees, typically a design committee, public relations committee, fund raising committee and build (construction) committee.
  6. For youth playground projects, the Consultant typically holds a Design Day, where they enter the local elementary school(s) to solicit youth ideas on what should be in the park usually in the form of a ‘drawing contest’. The best, constructible ideas are then incorporated into the design.
  7. The Consultant works with the Committee to design the park project.
  8. The Consultant works with the Committee to help promote the park project and recruit volunteers.
  9. The Consultant works with the Committee to develop funding for the project, usually a combination of fundraising, grant monies, in kind donations, utilization of municipal staff and equipment, and some public funding.
  10. The Consultant works with the Committee to help organize and manage the construction phase. The Consultant provides a construction foreman during construction to help coordinate the volunteers who are building the park and to ensure it is constructed as designed.

Question 4: What is being proposed for Stoney Pointe Park? Answer 4:  The Township Board of Supervisors in consultation and with the full support of the East Cocalico Township Recreation Board have determined that a community build process is the best way to construct the main features of Stoney Pointe Park, primarily the Youth Play Ground and Tot Lot. A master plan for the park has been prepared and will serve as an initial guideline to start the process. The Township has budgeted monies in 2018 for the hiring of a Community Design Build Consultant to help facilitate this process and conducted an initial public meeting on December 5, 2017 to promote this process and a number of volunteers have stepped forward. The Recreation Board and Board of Supervisors are actively recruiting residents and business who wish to take an active and rewarding role in the design and construction of the Township’s newest park.

Question 5: Who can I reach out to if I have questions or if I am interested in volunteering to serve on the Committee and/or any sub-committee? Answer 5- Please reach out to the Township Manager for assistance:    H. Scott Russell     (717) 336-1720

Pre-Final Master Plan

Stoney Pointe - 1  Stoney Pointe -2