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The East Cocalico Township Ordinance 2003-02 was adopted August 6, 2003 and amended by Ordinance 2004-06 which was adopted May 19, 2004.

Residents with on-lot systems are required to have their on-lot sewage disposal system inspected by a registered pumper/hauler, and followed by regular inspections every 3 years when notified by the Township. The residents have been divided into 3 districts as follows:

   District #1 Year to Pump:    7/1/19 to 6/30/20   Map

   District #2 Year to Pump:    7/1/20 to 6/30/21   Map
   District #3 Year to Pump:    7/1/18 to 6/30/19   Map

In the event that a resident pumps before receiving notice from the Township, they are still required to pump within their mandatory year as shown above.