Township Manager
     Scott Russell 717-336-1720  E-mail   
Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer
     Tony Luongo 717-336-1720  E-mail  Website
Zoning Assistant
     Arlene Crouse  717-336-1720  E-mail  Website
Financial Administrator
     Elizabeth Dorneman 717-336-1720  E-mail
Recycling Officer
     Lisa A. Kashner 717-336-1720 E-mail  Website
Office Personnel  717-336-1720  E-mail

     Lisa A. Kashner, Recording Secretary, Receptionist
     Paula L. Farlow, Secretary of Support
Highway Department  717-336-1720  E-mail  Website

     Ken Eshleman, Road Master
     Chris Flory, Assistant Road Master
     John Enck, Operator/Laborer
     Dallas Lucas, Operator/Laborer
     Daniel Tasco, Operator/Laborer
     Troy Young, Operator/Laborer
Police Chief Terry Arment 717-336-1725 (or 911) Website